About Mobile Grill Services

Serving Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina

Mobile Grill Services is a locally-owned and operated full-service barbeque grill cleaning company in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our owner, Patrick Hamm has lived in the Port City since 1998. As a former realtor, he worked solely with local businesses and residents and throughout the years acquired a love for the city.

Patrick believes that part of Wilmington’s charm is the ability to grill or cook outside nearly year-round. Everyone loves to grill but keeping the grill or outdoor kitchen clean and maintained is a hassle.

He knew there had to be a simple solution to grill cleaning and basic maintenance. No one wants to load up a greasy, dirty, expensive grill, or take apart a beautiful outdoor kitchen and drop it off for service for sometimes weeks at a time. Or what about missing half the party because you have to clean the barbeque? That’s why he started a mobile cleaning service that comes to you.

Mobile Grill Services was created for those homeowners and property managers that value time, energy and money. Cleaning and maintaining your grill and outdoor kitchen regularly is the best way to protect your investment, and what’s better than having it done at your convenience?

End the DIY. Make sure your grill is ready to go and your food tastes better than ever.

Call Mobile Grilling and we’ll arrive with the tools needed to bring your grill back to life.

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