Wilmington Mobile Grill Services Same-day Grill Cleaning Services

Mobile Grill Cleaning Services performs repairs and general maintenance on barbeque grills and outdoor kitchens with same-day service right in your own back yard. We come to your home and in 2.5 hours your grill operates good as new. Our grill cleaning process inspects key components and deep cleans them in an efficient manner.

Our Process

At Mobile Grill Services our unique mobile cleaning system inspects key components and deep cleans them in specially-equipped trailers using a proprietary method.

We come to you and focus on removing grease, fat, rust, and harmful carcinogens from your grill that build up over time and can have an impact on the quality of your food.

Each of the removable parts of your grill, including the grill racks, flavorizer bars, and heat plates, will be deep cleaned in our custom-built process tanks. Then, we’ll de-grease the hood, wire catch pan, control knobs, and drip pans.

At Mobile Grill Services we put Your Health and Safety First

We only use premium-grade, biodegradable products in our cleaning service to achieve the highest possible standards. All of our cleaning products are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Regularly cleaning your grill removes harmful carcinogens and food particles that are transferred to your food. Eliminate germs to keep your family healthy. Deter cockroaches, mice, and other rodents that live and snack inside outdoor grills.

Plus, blocked burners increase the chance for a barbecue fire. That’s why we remove grease and fat build-up that can create flare-ups.